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Within our orthodontic department we offer a full range of upper and lower removable appliances incorporating cribs, springs, bows, etc to suit.

We can meet any soldering needs you may require within your appliances and offer a range of expansion screws covering mid-line, sectional and fan type expansion. Where needed we can order in face bows and the relevant head-gear. All our appliances are constructed from a high quality self cure acrylic available in clear, red, blue and purple which you can have with gold glitter on request for extra sparkle!

Although our appliances are made from self cure acrylic as standard heat cured acrylic bases are on offer on request. As well as the standard wire work appliances such as the Hawley retainer we can offer vacuumed formed retainers (essix type) if you prefer.

Functional appliances such as the twin block are available as are a range of fixed appliances including quad helix, palatal arch, lingual arch etc.