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Sports Mouth Guards

Available in a wide variety of of colours and designs. All our sportsguards are fabricated from EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) blanks using a dual laminating technique. A 2mm clear blank is laid down first and then a 4mm coloured or patterned blank is then laminated on top. The patients name and/or motif’s can be sandwiched between the two laminates. All sportsguards are presented in a plastic box with care instructions.

Sportsguards can be fabricated in a wide range of colours and designs, as outlined below.

Single Colours
A wide range of colours are available to choose from, shade guides are available by request.

One, two, three, four and five stripe combinations can be chosen to give customised colours to match the needs of the patient, i.e. school colours, team colours, personal preference.

A wide choice of flag designs are available by request.

Harlequin, marble, spots, portcullis and glitter effect blanks are available, colours can be customised by the client.

Special Designs
Special designs and custom patterns are available by request. If you have specific designs in mind, please contact us to discuss what may be possible.

Custom Motif’s can be laminated on the labial aspect of the sports guard, so that they are visible when smiling. These can be anything that the patient may request, such as pictures, phrases, etc. All that we require is a printed version that will fit on the labial aspect of the sportsguard between the canines.


We manufacture a variety of splints for various uses, as listed below.

Bleaching Trays
Manufactured from a 1.5mm semi hard EVA blank. These can be manufactured with or without wells to hold the bleach, just indicate this on the lab ticket.

Manufactured from a 3mm EVA blank, these are vacuum formed, without the occlusion and guidance’s built in. These can also be produced in hard acrylic if required.

Michigan/Tanner Appliances
These are manufactured from hard acrylic on an average movement articulator. centric occlusion is raised by approximately 3mm and protrusive and lateral guidance’s are built in to give posterior disclusion.

Hybrid Michigan/Tanner Appliances
These are manufactured with a soft fitting surface, making fitting easier and giving some resilience during function. Occlusally they are the same as standard hard acrlic designs, with approximately 3mm of opening and lateral and protrusive guidance’s built in.

Chairside Temporary Bridge Matrix
Vacuum formed over pre-op dentition, or from a diagnostic wax up using a 1mm splint material. For chairside fabrication of temporary restorations, whilst the definitive restoration is being made.