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Acrylic dentures

Our acrylic dentures are a premium offering and as so are finished in high impact acrylic as standard. The gum work is carved for a natural effect. The level of finishing can be done to request e.g contouring, stippling, rugae etc. Where needed we can supply different base shaded acrylics to suit the patient.

Gum characterisation

The acrylic flanges of the dentures can be custom shaded for a particular patient’s needs. We can achieve this with coloured acrylics or composite to make them appear more like natural mucosa.

Clasp Options

There are a number of materials that are available when clasps are to be incorporated into acrylic dentures.

  • Stainless steel
  • Wrought gold
  • Acetyl (tooth coloured) resin
  • Valplast wings


Enigma life+
We use enigma life + as standard on our dentures. This is a private quality tooth with good
aesthetic’s and wear characteristics. Posterior teeth are semi anatomical with shallow cusp
angles. Available in all vita shades and two bleach shades.

We price our premium dentures in such a way that you can select exactly what you want and
avoid picking up the cost of unnecessary items with an all-inclusive price. If you don’t require
such a hard wearing, aesthetic tooth as enigma life + e.g. for a temporary denture, you can swap
in 4Natura for a mid priced standard offering.

If required, we can order in vivodent teeth (because we don’t hold stock of these this can add on
time to the turnaround of the work). Like Enigma life plus these are a private quality tooth offering,
but are available in Ivoclars chromoscope shades of which there are some particularly dark
shades, which are great when looking for a darker option than A4/C4.

Strengthening Options

As stated all our premium dentures are produced with high impact acrylic. However, strengtheners can be incorporated in new dentures or as part of a repair to an existing appliance:

Metal Mesh/Wire

Encased in acrylic to thicken and spread the load. A common concept about metal strengtheners is that they can cause micro-cracks in the acrylic, where the metal strands flex within the denture as they flex during function.

Stick Fibre Reinforcement

Fibre reinforcement similar to fibreglass matting or strands, which becomes an integral part of the denture, permantly boded to the plastic, not encased.