Chrome Dentures

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We offer metal frameworks fabricated from high quality chrome alloys. We can assist with case design and offer advice with tricky cases. We are also experienced in attachment work and combination work with crowns and bridges.


Want the benefits of a chrome but with a more aesthetic clasping solution? We can incorporate tooth coloured acetyl claps or Valplast wings with the chrome frame.

Pure Titanium

Pure titanium castings are also available on request. These castings are extremely light weight and biocompatible. Again suited to allergy cases, or cases where weight of the casting may compromise retention. (Price on application).

Chrome Repairs & Modifications

Chrome repairs and modifications are also possible. Repairs are carried out by means of laser welding, NOT soldering. This is much better than soldering and results in a repair that is stronger.

When teeth need to be added to existing chrome dentures, Metal tags can be added, or complete sections of metal cast to fill the space (incorporating clasps and rests if required), then welded to the existing framework. The weld will be almost undetectable to the eye and should be as strong as if it were originally cast. This is due to the use of laser welding, rather than soldering.